Thursday, July 30, 2009

Phonebot 8000b

This scribble happened while on a press check. They were having problems with one of the plates, so I had some down time while they resolved the issue. Ink.

Still using a cell phone? Tired of being burdened with carrying that awkward device around for human-to-human communication? Blackjaw Industries has the solution for you. Introducing the Phonebot 8000. A personal cyberbetic device that will follow you when you are on the go. Say goodbye to that unsightly bulge in you jumpsuit pocket. Did you ever forget to interface with your personal communication device so it could recharge its engineered protein cells? Phonebot 8000 recharges itself, either by docking in its night station or using the fresh gamma rays from our atmosphere.

Bonus for you hipsters out there, the Phonebot 8000b is styled in a retro fashion that emulates believable 1960s fantasy science fiction. What were they thinking back then, actual "robots" made out of steel and rubber? Oh the kitsch. Order now, and we will also give you a second Phonebot for the female species of the house for half the price. Don't delay, act today.


Jennifer said...

You are so Good At this...LOVE this post! Love this Robot.

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