Friday, September 25, 2009

Apologies once again...

Sort of hit a drawer's block this week. I will have something for Monday. Going to celebrate my anniversary this weekend with the wife. Dinner at Checkers Bistro (300 West James Street in Downtown Lancaster) without the girls. I highly recommend this place for its fusion cuisine. Also, their beer selection is not too shabby.

Anyway, I found this writing I did some time ago. Not sure why I wrote it, but I thought I would post it anyway.

When the trees moan, and yes, they will. Take time to bury your feet in death's pre-moistened soil. Tickle the roots with your dirty toes. Tilt the head, expose your throat. Let primal yelps, howls and screams bellow into the veiled night. The waxing moon is pure menace. Tainted dreams. Phosphorous beams stain cheeks and hands. Know this, that when you see him coming, hold nothing back. Stick him with the broken shovel, sever the left limb. Rattle the bones. Crack them if you can. Your safety lies in the fifth pocket, caress this relic of nuisance past. The night cannot hold you forever...hopefully.

If you have read this before, please help me put it into context, as my memory is failing me in my old age.


Jennifer said...

when/where do you write such stuff? I would never have guessed you wrote this. I feel kind of baffled at the moment. Nice writing.

Blackjaw said...

That's the problem, I don't remember when I wrote this, I do remember writing it though. I was hoping someone could tell me.

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