Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ugh, woke up late...not prepared

I hate waking up late. I am so neurotic about being punctual that if I am not on time, my day is shot to hell from a mental standpoint. I absolutely did not know what to post today, due to the cloud of lateness that is looming over my head. Anyway, here is an invite I did for my niece's first birthday. The original ink drawing was bad, and required a lot of photoshop work on my part. Not even going to post it. This is from my coming out of retirement phase, when the hands were rusty from not drawing. [ink + digital]


Jennifer said...

you Neice's first birthday my love. not your cousin. poor sleepyhead. you work too hard.

Blackjaw said...

Haha. Fixed. Thank you my always supportive wife.

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